This is why you should always have ice cubes in your freezer

Removing chewing gum

Has your child gotten chewing gum in their clothes (or did you have a clumsy moment yourself)? There’s no need to immediately throw out these clothes. A few ice cubes can save the item of clothing in question. Place a couple of ice cubes on top of the chewing gum-affected area and leave them there. The low temperature will cause the chewing gum to become hard and with a bit of luck you can simply take it off after a little while. You could also simply put the item of clothing inside the freezer for a while.


One of the most annoying things in the world is getting a splinter. An ice cube can help soothe the affected skin at times like this. Unfortunately, an ice cube won’t make removing the splinter any easier. The cold will numb your skin a little, though, which means removing the splinter will be a little less painful.

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Source: Tip Hero | Image: Pixabay

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