Getting rid of ticks is easy! For example, you could try mowing your grass


Prevent ticks in your garden with these tricks

Ticks are nasty little creatures. Especially if you take a lot of walks in the forest or like to work in the garden, you’ll have to look out for tick bites. Cats and dogs can also come home with these tiny critters in their furs since they like to hide out in long grass. Ticks can transfer Lyme disease, so we really don’t want one of them biting us! Luckily, there are a couple of ways to keep them out of your garden. Here are five tips.

This is how you can reduce the chance of ticks making themselves at home in your garden.

1. Mowing the grass

Ticks like to hide in long grass, so it’s smart to maintain your lawn. Also clear away fallen leaves and then transfer the leaves and grass to a compost heap. This will make it less likely for the tiny critters to take up lodging there.

2. Annoy them

Ticks don’t like having to walk over wood chips or gravel. It’s very uncomfortable to them. That’s why it can help to construct a little path of wood chips or gravel around your lawn. This might prevent the tiny insects from nestling themselves in your grass.

3. Be neat

Do you keep the logs for your fireplace or wood stove in the garden? Make sure that you neatly stack the logs and that they remain dry. Ticks love damp spots with a lot of wood, so make sure you don’t provide them with it.

4. Plants

The leaves of the Bodinier’s Beautyberry, a plant with purple berries, help to keep ticks at bay. If you have a tick problem, you might want to consider planting these plants in your garden.

5. Hire a tick-eater

Did you know chickens eat ticks? They pick their food out of the soil and this means they also eat a lot of ticks because of this. Of course, this isn’t a possibility for everyone, but if you have the space and want to enjoy some fresh eggs, you might consider getting some chickens.

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image: Pexels