Stop buying these 6 cheap kitchen utensils

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Don’t go cheap: these kitchen utensils are worth the investment

Sure, we love a good deal. Why spend a ton of money when you can buy a much cheaper product at a less expensive store? We spend quite some time browsing the internet for the best deal and the cheapest delivery. Unfortunately, we’re not always better off buying the cheapest version of something. This is especially true for these six kitchen utensils. They are definitely worth investing a bit more money.

Buying these kitchen utensils cheap basically means you’re throwing away your money.

1. Plastic containers

You thought you’d gotten yourself a good deal on a bunch of plastic containers, but they turn out to be pretty much unusable. The lids weren’t closing very smoothly in the first place, but after washing them just a single time, they stop fitting on top of the containers altogether. If you store red pasta sauce in one of these containers for even a few days, you’ll be smelling it and looking at the orange glow on the container for years to come. These containers are made of the cheapest plastic and it shows. You’re much better off buying from a slightly more expensive brand that uses better plastic.

2. Plastic cutting boards

In theory, plastic cutting boards are better because they can go in the washing machine and end up properly clean, which stops bacteria from spreading. Yet they seem rather disposable, as they end up warped after just a few washes and quickly gather a load of scratches. These scratches can house bacteria, which can have all kinds of consequences you don’t want to think about. Instead, invest in a good (wooden) cutting board that you take good care of by not putting it in the dishwasher.

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