These are the things you aren’t allowed to take with you from hotel rooms

Not allowed

So, what are the things you aren’t allowed to take with you? Here they are:

  • Bathrobes and towels: the bathrobes and towels in hotels are often amazingly soft and fluffy, so we can imagine you might want to take them with you. However, hotels usually prefer you don’t put these in your suitcase and just leave them in the room.
  • Bible: often, you’ll find a bible in the nightstand in a room, but this is meant to stay there.
  • Hairdryer: in a lot of cases, you’re allowed to use the hairdryer in exchange for a deposit, so if you take it with you, you’re only hurting yourself (or your wallet, actually). Sometimes hairdryers are attached to the wall in hotels. The reason? So people don’t take them with them.
  • Clock: this speaks for itself, but you should leave the clock hanging on the wall.
  • Radio: this is pretty obvious as well; don’t take the radio with you.


Of course, you can find a lot of stuff in your hotel room, but we think you’re probably not wondering whether you’re allowed to take the duvet cover with you – that one’s pretty obvious. Do you see something in your room that you really like and would want to take with you, like a painting? You could always ask at the reception whether you might take it with you, in exchange for payment, of course.

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Source: Metro | Image: Pexels

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