5 things you shouldn’t store in your bathroom


You should find a different spot to store these items

A lot of people get ready in the bathroom each morning; we do too. For convenience’s sake, we store many of the items we need in the morning in our bathroom as well, but it turns out we should be a bit more selective when it comes to that. Apparently, there are quite a few things you shouldn’t store in your bathroom. Medicines, make-up and razors are three of them, but the list is much longer than that.

Here are five more things you shouldn’t store in your bathroom.


1. Towels

This one probably comes as a surprise to a lot of people. It certainly came as a surprise to us! We always used to store our towels in the bathroom because who doesn’t? There are few things as annoying as stepping out of the shower and not having a towel nearby. Yet it’s better to find a new place to store them outside of the bathroom. Bathrooms are damp and moist places that are breeding grounds for bacteria, and towels are especially susceptible to nasty fungi. If you do decide to keep your towel in the bathroom, you should make sure that you hang it out properly.

2. Bathrobe

Apparently, a bathrobe shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom, even though it sounds so logical. Just like with towels, bacteria and fungi can easily settle in the fabric of the bathrobe. Plus, the moisture in the room can also cause the robe to smell musty.

3. Books and magazines

We don’t expect you’ve put your bookcase in the bathroom, but some people like to have something to read when they’re taking a bath (or doing a number 2). Books and magazines (just paper in general) absorb the moisture in your bathroom super quickly. The result: wrinkled pages and glue that evaporates and lets go.

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