Get rid of spiders by putting this plant in your home


Spiders will steer clear of your home if you get this plant

“Spiders are more afraid of you then you are of them,” is what we’re often told. No matter how small and innocent these creatures might be, they scare the living daylights out of us, and many people with us. Especially when it’s cold outside, spiders like to wander through our homes more often. Want to prevent this from happening? Simply place this plant in your home!

You might even already have this common plant in your herb garden.


Calling your neighbour, friend or family member in a panic every time you encounter a spider in your home gets a bit tedious for all parties involved. It’s not very practical either. So, get ahead of the game and buy a mint plant! Yes, really, mint is the herb spiders cannot stand. The smell, in particular, will make sure the creatures won’t enter your home when they’re looking for a place to go.


Research shows that spiders hate the smell of fresh mint. You could try placing a mug of fresh mint tea near where a spider is residing (if you dare). Or place a mint plant on the window sill. This way you’ll prevent the creatures from entering your home. Does this smell not seem strong enough to repel them? Try some mint essential oil instead. This smell is even stronger, which will make spiders think twice or three times before they crawl in through the cracks of your home. A spider-free home has never been this easy.

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Source: ELLE | Image: Unsplash