This is how you remove candle wax from all types of surfaces


If you’ve spilt some candle wax onto a tablecloth, there’s a simple solution to get it out again. Put the tablecloth in a plastic bag and then put the bag into the freezer for a couple of hours. When you take it out again, you can very easily scrape off the wax with the back of a knife. The aforementioned ironing trick works for your tablecloth as well.


Did you spill some wax on a clean wood table, tray or floor? Then you should get out your blow dryer. Put a paper towel over the wax and then use the blow dryer to heat up the wax underneath the towel, just like with the ironing trick. After the wax has gotten hot enough, you should be able to just take away the paper towel with all of the wax on it. If there’s a stain left behind, you can scour it away.

Extra tip

If you want to prevent candle wax from sticking to your tealight holder, you should rub a little Vaseline onto the holder before lighting the candle. The wax will harden without attaching to the surface. That’ll save you some work later!

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Source: Leukegeit | Image: video still

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