This is what your house number says about your personality

house number

You choose your house for the house, right? Apparently not, says an expert in numerology

A number totally has a certain meaning, so that means your house number means something too. You can even attribute certain traits to it. The numbers give off a certain energy and we’re all very susceptible to that on a subconscious level. Are you not feeling very at home in your own home? Your house number might have something to do with it.

What number do you live at?


This is how it works: take a look at the makeup of the numbers within your house number. Do you live at number 79? Then you do the following:



You’ve got house number 7, which means you are not materialistic at all and you’d much rather focus on personal growth and finding your own path in life. Go take a look at what your own house number means. We’re curious to know if it fits!

House number 1

You enjoy taking risks and like to put yourself first in your own life. Making the most out of every situation is very important to you. This house often houses people in their twenties or a young couple that wants to explore the world together.

House number 2

Are you a true family person? Then you’re in the right place. Cosiness, peace and harmony are very important to you and you’re encouraged to express your feelings and emotions in this house. Family people will feel right at home here.

House number 3

You’re not afraid of spirituality. You’re a true free spirit and you enjoy philosophising about the meaning of life. We have to warn you about those impulse buys of yours, though. They might not always come in that handy…

House number 4

Security and stability are very important to you. People in this house will shut out evil from the outside, but they will also shut themselves off from a lot of fun at the same time. The safe option isn’t always the most fun option.

House number 5

We’ve never seen someone with as much energy as you. You just keep on going! You’re full of energy, but that can make you feel restless as well. Try keeping an eye on your spending because you have the tendency to spend money much too quickly on something that’ll only make you happy for a little while.

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