6 mistakes everybody makes when using the oven


Maybe you’ve roasted some vegetables using the oven before. The oven needs to be really hot to get those crispy edges on your vegetables. We already told you that it’s best to put the vegetables very low in the oven to roast them. But did you know you can also just put a baking sheet or oven dish all the way at the bottom of the oven? And then we mean really on the bottom. If you roast your vegetables in this spot, you get the heat directly from beneath, which will cause your edges to become really crispy.


It can be really difficult to clean a baking sheet or a cast iron skillet. Did you know it’s actually very easy to clean them in the oven? Put your cast iron skillet upside down on the oven rack inside the oven for an hour at 200 degrees Celsius. Let it cool down and you’ll be able to easily scrape off the grease.

Aluminium foil

Cleaning a dirty oven isn’t exactly a fun time, so some people decide to prevent having to clean it at all by covering the bottom of the oven in aluminium foil. However, this is a pretty bad idea, since this foil can block or even reflect the heat. This means your food doesn’t get cooked or baked properly, but it can also mean your oven gets damaged. It can even cause the oven to catch fire. So don’t do it!

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Source: Mashed | Image: video still