These are 4 kitchen items nearly everyone stores the wrong way


Most of us aren’t that kind to our knives at all. Everybody knows how to complain when our knives have gotten dull, but we can safely say that we ourselves are the ones to blame for that. There’s a good chance that you store your knives in your cutlery drawer. But it’s exactly in that place that they end up becoming dull because they keep coming into contact with the other cutlery. It’s much better to get yourself a knife block or magnet. That way, your knives will stay sharp for much longer.

Wine glasses

How do you store your wine glasses? Do you put them upside down by any chance? You’d better stop doing that. We know you’re doing it to keep dust out of the glasses but you’re putting the glasses on their most fragile side. Because of this, small fractures can appear and before you know it your glasses have broken. That’s not what you want, of course. It’s better to store your wine glasses by placing them on their feet. Want to make sure there’s no dust in them? Rinse your glasses before using them.

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