This mom refused to abort her quintuplets. Twenty years later, she shows this picture! Wow, this is amazing!


Wow, what a beautiful picture!

Susan was 28 years old when she found out she was pregnant with quintuplets. Doctors strongly advised her to have a ‘selective reduction’. For Susan, this was out of the question, and she declined the doctors’ suggestion.

Selective reduction
Selective reduction means that one or more embryos or foetuses are killed and/or removed to increase the chances of survival for the other(s). When Susan refused to do this, the doctor sent her to a specialist, who also tried to convince her to continue her pregnancy with only a selection of the embryos. Nevertheless, Susan and her husband stuck with their decision. It was the best decision they could have made!

Twenty years later
Now, twenty years later, the mom has posted a beautiful picture on Facebook of all of her children. All five have graduated. With the picture she wrote: “Twenty years later I look back on the decision to keep my children and I can’t imagine our lives without any of them. After all five graduated, three joined the military to serve our country and two are pursuing careers in the medical field. They are all responsible adults who love God and make this world a better place. I chose to save their lives and now they are saving the lives of others.”

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