Family dog ​​throws baby across the backyard and the reason why will surprise you

Scared for her life

Although Catherine thought Kahn to be a friendly dog, she never left the dog alone with her young daughter. She always wanted to keep an eye on him when he was with Charlotte. Although Kahn was fast asleep in the backyard at first, he suddenly became very restless. “Khan was suddenly very aggressive and tried to push Charlotte away. He didn’t succeed and then he grabbed her by her diaper and threw her three feet into the air. Like she was a doll,” the woman tells the Australian newspaper Adelaide Now.


Catherine was shocked and ran to her daughter as quickly as possible. “Charlotte looked startled, and then Khan suddenly started howling loudly.” The woman then saw that a Pseudechis australis was lying next to the dog. This is the second largest venomous snake in Australia. “Then I realized that Khan was protecting my daughter from the snake.”

Miracle dog

Charlotte was unharmed and Catherine quickly took the dog to the vet. There he was given an antidote and Khan is now fully recovered. “He risked his life to save my daughter’s. From now on Khan is our Miracle Dog.”

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Source: Daily Mail | Image: Pexels