Couple transforms 200-year-old church into a beautiful home

Modern touch

Sally and Ian decided to retain many of the original elements. They wanted it to look like a church, but they also wanted to incorporate some modern flair and amenities, the first being electricity. The two also equipped the church with heated floors and modern appliances.

Conserved design

In terms of design and style, Ian and Sally did not want to change too much. They wanted to preserve many of the original elements, such as the stained glass windows and the enormous vaulted ceilings. Many of the rooms have such ceilings and give the house its charm. Throughout all the renovations, Ian and Sally were focused on one thing: maintaining the look and feel of a church.

Are you curious about what the house looks like? Check out the video to see a tour of the house.

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Source: Tip Hero | Image: Unsplash