Pesky flies bothering you? This is how to get rid of them

pesky flies
How to get rid of those pesky flies

It’s summertime! The sun is shining, so we open our doors and windows to let in some of that summer breeze. Unfortunately, this also opens our doors to insects such as flies. They zoom around our houses, and before you know it there are loads of these pesky little buggers flying around your house. They like our warm and sunlit houses, and they live off our rubbish. How do you get rid of those pesky flies?

Did flies make your house their home? This is how to get rid of them!


Why do flies find our homes so attractive? It seems like when you’ve got a few, more and more keep coming. And actually, this is true. Flies excrete luring and odorous fragrances which attract new flies. But it’s not just those fragrances, called feromones, that attract flies. Warmth, light, shelter and food make your home an attractive place for those pesky flies. Flies are attracted by light and warmth, so when your windows are opened they will just move right in.


Flies buzzing around can be quite annoying, but since they don’t sting we usually aren’t aware of the dangers. However, flies can be a health hazard. They munch on our food and garbage, including rotting food. Then they walk all over our food and surfaces, leaving behind their feces. This is how bacteria and illnesses are distributed. That’s why it’s important to get rid of those pesky flies, to prevent illnesses from spreading.

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