Everybody needs cling film: here are 8 unexpected cling film tips

cling film

5. Keep your refrigerator clean

Cleaning our refrigerator isn’t exactly our favourite chore. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that something starts to leak and you end up with a mess inside your fridge. Do you want to keep your fridge nice and clean? Cover the shelves in the fridge with cling film. If something leaks, you can just throw out the foil and put some new foil around the shelf. We figured this is a great tip for students sharing a fridge in student housing!

6. Prevent shampoo from leaking

Are you going on holiday soon? Then you’ll probably like this tip. Maybe you’ve been there: the shampoo bottle in your suitcase has started to leak and all of your clothes are covered in soap. Especially when you’re traveling by airplane you run the risk of your shampoo bottles exploding. So, next time you’re going on holiday try wrapping a bit of cling film over the opening of the bottle before screwing the cap back on. This will prevent an explosion from happening inside your suitcase.

7. Fashion a trap for fruit flies

We’ve already shared a great trick to catch fruit flies before, but you can also try this other one we’ve got for you today. Put some ripe fruit in a glas and cover the glass in cling film. Use a knife to prick a hole in the cling film. The fruit flies will be attracted by the smell of the fruit and fly through the hole into the glass but they won’t be able to find their way out again.

8. Make marble nails

If you’re a fan of nail polish you might have come across them before: nails with a marble look. It’s actually very simple: paint your nails with a fun colour. Let this dry and then bunch up a piece of cling film in the meantime. When the first layer of nail polish is dry, paint another layer on top of it, but use a different colour. Press the bunch of foil against the nails while they’re still wet. The bunched up foil will remove some of the second layer of colour, but in an irregular pattern, creating a marble effect. It’s really that easy!

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Source: Lifeasmama | Image: video still YouTube; FlickrKathleen Franklin, Introducing….My Fridge, license CC BY 2.0

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