This is why you should always place a bowl of water in the garden at the moment


A bowl of water can make a big difference!

It’s been very dry in many parts of the world lately. In some places it’s actually one of the driest years ever. It’s not that strange that a lot of water companies are giving out warnings that we might be dealing with a water scarcity sooner rather than later. And this can mean a lot of trouble.

That’s exactly why you should be placing a bowl of water in the garden.

Persistent drought

Hardly any rain is falling at the moment and even the chance of a little bit of rain won’t be enough to end the persistent drought. Some places might have an official scarcity while in other areas it’s not that bad yet. Whatever the case, if it’s dry where you are, it’s a good idea to save on water. For the crops and plants in the garden this drought is pretty disastrous. The same goes for the animals: they have a very hard time to find water to drink in this drought.


During this dry period, a lot of hedgehogs are dying because they can’t find any water. Since they can’t find any water, they start to roam around looking for it and this results in them being run over by cars. Animal foundations are emphasising the importance of putting a bowl of water in your garden. If you do this, the hedgehogs will have access to drink water and they don’t have to undertake dangerous treks.


Hedgehogs aren’t the only animals suffering in the drought. Birds are having a very hard time as well. They are able to find water since they can travel further than hedgehogs, but that’s just it. They have to travel much further than usual. If you see a bird in your garden that has its beak open, you know it’s feeling very hot. Placing a bowl of water in the garden helps them out a lot. They can drink from it and also take a refreshing bath to keep their feather in good condition and cool off a little bit.

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Source: Libelle, AD | Image: Tips and Tricks ©; Flickr, Tero Laakso Hedgehog, license CC BY 2.0