This might be the tiniest apartment in New York

New York is one of the most expensive cities to live in. But if you want to live in New York on a budget, you have to make some sacrifices…

When you think about living in New York City, you might picture small apartments tucked into tall buildings, where space is tight and you have to get creative. The tiniest apartment in the city might seem like a tiny, cluttered place where you can hardly move. But in that small space, there’s a lot of potential for someone to make it into something special.

The young lady that rents this apartment really wanted to live in New York without the New York cost of living, so this was the only option. Most people probably would never be able to live in such a small space, but if you love New York a lot, it might be worth it!

Now take a look inside the apartment on the next page, would you be able to live here?