The cheapest hotel in the world costs only 92 cents a night and this is what it looks like

Despite the fact that the hotel is very shabby, it’s also very popular among inhabitants and tourists, who can mingle with the locals here. Sometimes tourists even stay for several months in this hotel made out of boats. 

Business people

Floating hotels like this started to appear in the fifties, mainly to accommodate Hindu business people who came to Dhaka for business. When you hear the term ‘floating hotels’, you shouldn’t imagine futuristic buildings with gorgeous seaside views. Instead, think of primitive boats where you have to share your personal space with other guests. There’s no TV, no space to eat, no comfortable mattresses and no nice decorations.


Yet 46-year-old owner Muhammad Mustafa Miyan can’t complain, as he told the Daily Mail: “We have anywhere around 40 guests at a time in our hotel and they stay for as long as three months.” According to the owner, the hotel is so cheap that people from nearby towns and villages come to Dhaka especially to spend the night there. Would you dare to give a night in this hotel a try?

Take a look at the video below to see what the hotel looks like!


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Source: Daily Mail | Image: video still Youtube

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