Man digs hole in backyard and makes an extraordinary discovery


He definitely didn’t expect to find this in his backyard!

Sometimes, when people buy a house, they find some hidden, forgotten treasure stashed away somewhere. That also happened to the American John Sims from Tuscon, Arizona. When he studied the blueprints of the house he’d just bought in 2015, he made a special discovery. The blueprints showed an ‘extra room’ in the backyard. What he found is definitely extraordinary!

John Sims never thought he’d make such an amazing discovery.

Cryptic message

John Sims bought himself a new home in Tucson, Arizona. The previous owner was a friend of his, so he knew it was a good buy. But when his friend handed him the keys of the house, it also came with a strange message. There was a certain mystery surrounding the house – something that still needed to be discovered. John didn’t realise that his friend’s cryptic message would be the start of a chain of events that had the entire state of Arizona talking about it long after it ended.


The blueprints clearly showed a round space in the backyard. John decided to start digging, even though he had no idea what he was digging for. Pretty soon, his shovel met metal. When he’d completely dug up the object, it turned out to be a round, metal door. After some investigation, he found out he’d discovered a bomb shelter or storm cellar of sorts. With a little help from his friends, John managed to open the metal door. A rusty, old winding staircase appeared and John carefully took the stairs into the room. He ended up in a big, dome-like space. The cellarĀ appeared to be in surprisingly good condition. John also found a collection of supplies like emergency water and food. Because the cellar hadn’t been opened since the sixties, these supplies were obviously out of date.

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