Man digs hole in backyard and makes an extraordinary discovery

Cleaning and renovating

John decided it was high time to properly clean and tidy the cellar. Together with his friends, he cleared away all of the rubble that had fallen into the cellar. After he’d cleared everything out, the space turned out to be a lot bigger than John had initially thought. The next step was to get rid of the rusty old staircase and replace it with a sturdy new one. Next, the concrete structure needed to be repaired and reinforced. John even considered installing electricity in the cellar.

Cold war

John later found out that what he’d discovered in his backyard was a nuclear shelter. It had been built at the height of the tension during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Whitaker Pools was the man who wanted something else than a pool in his backyards: he preferred nuclear shelters. When John found out more about the treasure on his property, he also found out he wasn’t the only one. Apparently, the Tucson area was full of these types of shelters. We wonder if there will be any similar discoveries in Tucson, Arizona!

Take a look at the video below that shows all the pictures of John’s extraordinary discovery in his backyard:

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Source: YouTube | Image: Flickr, Dominic Alves

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