It’s allergy season… Allergy proof you home with these 5 tips!


Follow these tips to make your home allergy proof

Spring has definitely sprung and that means that those of us who suffer from allergies are bound to feel miserable any time now. Sure, spring has some nice benefits: warm weather, flowers, birds. But if your eyes are watering and you’re sneezing all over the place, it’s hard to appreciate those things. When you’ve got allergies, it’s best to stay inside. But staying inside won’t make much of a difference if you don’t make sure your home is allergy proof.

Here are five tips on how to allergy proof your home.

Keep windows and doors closed

Staying inside will be of no use if you leave your doors and windows open for the pollen to just blow in. If it gets too warm, use the A/C – this will filter out the pollen. To make sure you don’t bring allergens inside your home, it’s a good idea to use two doormats: one inside and one outside. Once you’re inside, take off your shoes so you don’t take the pollen with you.

Get rid of rugs

We love a nice rug, but we also know rugs are major allergen-holders. Bare floors are the best option, but make sure you clean them often. If you really do want to have rugs around your home, you might want to consider having them cleaned professionally every three months.

Wash your curtains regularly

You can wash your curtains using your washing machine. An even better option would be to use blinds instead of curtains, since those are easier to clean. While we’re on the topic of washing, we’d also like to remind you to wash your bedsheets regularly, meaning once a week. This will make a big difference when it comes to allergy proofing your home as well.

Vacuum properly

Vacuuming is something we all do, but not all of us do it properly. Make sure you vacuum more than just the floor; get nooks and crannies, corners and window sills. Have you ever thought of vacuuming the ceiling? Take a look at the corners of the room: you’ll probably see some dust there. If you want to go all out, you could decide to invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Use a humidifier at night

You spend a lot of time asleep, so it’s important to make sure that the air you breathe during that time is healthy and fresh. If you use a humidifier or an air-purifier, you’ll sleep in filtered air. It’s a bit of an investment, but it can make a big difference.

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Source: Lifehacker | Image: Pixabay