This is why you should flush the toilet as soon as you get home from your holiday!


Just got back from your holiday? Flush the toilet!

Most of us will probably know that you have to let your taps run for a minute before using them after you’ve gotten back from a holiday. When you’re away for a few weeks, the water stands still and, especially when it’s warm out, there’s a risk of being infected with the legionella bacterium. But did you know you should also flush the toilet after you’ve gotten home?

It will prevent you from getting sick.


When the water stands still in the pipes, the quality decreases rapidly. The legionella bacterium thrives in water that’s at a temperature between 25 and 55 degrees Celsius. You can be infected with legionella by inhaling small drops of water. This can also happen when you flush the toilet, because when you do so, tiny drops of water spread through the air and there’s a chance you’ll breathe them in. You might get infected with the legionella bacterium and that’s the last thing you want when you’ve just gotten home from holiday (or ever, really).


An infection can take a few different forms: the light version is the legionella flu. The more serious version, Legionnaires’ disease, is similar to severe pneumonia. Although the chances of being infected are low, people with poor immune systems, heavy smokers, and people who drink excessively run a higher risk. So, flush the toilet when you get home, but do so with the lid closed! While you’re at it, let the shower run for a little while as well. Do make sure no water drops are released into the air. You can do this by covering the shower head with a wash cloth.

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