Here’s How To Make Your Own Air Freshener Very Easily

Your own air freshener

A chemical-free and inexpensive air freshener? That’s what we’d sign up for. Fortunately, you need very few things for that. First, a stone jar you’re going to make it in. One that is sturdy, but also looks nice in your home. After all, it should also match your interior. Make sure the stone pot has a lid or else use a bottle with a large opening.

Do you feel like getting started? In the video below, we explain the ways you can do this. For example, boil water with lemon, ginger and rosemary in a pan for a wonderful scent. Or mix baking soda with essential oils and poke holes in a paper lid for an automatic air freshener. Smells great, easy and quick to make!

Source: Clever-Tricks | Image: Pexels