This is why women don’t sleep as well as men do

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Apparently, it’s biological

Getting enough sleep and waking up well rested is important for your wellbeing. But did you know that women have a disadvantage when it comes to sleep? According to research, women don’t sleep as well as men do, and the reason for it is mostly biological. 


Research has shown that women are more prone to insomnia than men are. Chances of a woman getting insomnia are forty percent higher than the chances for men. This isn’t just because of social reasons. Most of the reasons for this difference in sleep, are biological.


Research by the National Sleep Foundation has shown that 33% of women don’t sleep well when they’re on their period. Apparently, women wake up more often when it’s that time of the month. The days before the start of their period aren’t great either; women wake up multiple times a night and generally lay awake for more than fifteen minutes. These issues are caused by body temperature. When women menstruate, their body temperature is destabilized. And body temperature is important for falling – and staying – asleep.


Another reason why women have trouble sleeping, is pregnancy. Whenever a woman is pregnant, she does not sleep as well as she did before she was pregnant. This is because of hormonal changes, pressure on the bladder, cramps and an uncomfortable position because of the baby bump. Other factors disturbing pregnant women’s sleep are muscle cramps and anxiety.


When women reach a certain age, their sleep pattern tends to change too. This is because of the menopause. The menopause can lead to hot flashes during the night, which then leads to discomfort. And discomfort doesn’t improve your sleep. Another reason for a change in sleeping pattern during the menopause has to do with hormones. The hormone progesterone is important for sleep and when you reach the menopause, your body will produce less progesterone. That will result in less sleep, causing you to wake up tired.

So if you are a woman who feels like she has not been getting enough sleep, one of these things might have been the cause!

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Source: Body and Soul | Image: Unsplash, Kinga Cichewicz