The way you stand says something about your personality

A very elegant attitude

Some people sway while walking which doesn’t provide stability to your body. “This posture shows a very weak personality that is helpless,” says Hingorany. It is about a vulnerable person who is very indecisive and constantly overthinks things.

According to the psychologist, so-called grounding techniques can help to improve posture. “These techniques help you keep your feet firmly on the ground while you concentrate on your breathing.”

Head farther forward than the rest of your body

People who suffer from restlessness and hyperactivity often take on this posture wherein their head is farther forward than the rest of their body. These people are naturally curious, but also untrustful. The body’s structure is no longer in line and this can result in pains and aches. “This person is constantly working on processing information,” says Hingorany.

People who often hold this posture should reach out to professionals who can help them to improve posture.

Hingorany also advises people to exercise and jog regularly to create peace in their minds.

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Source: Vogue India | Image: Unsplash