Some tips to help you get rid of that persistent cough

rid of cough

Some easy tips to deal with that cough!

When the seasons change, a cold is easy to catch. And whenever you have a cold, it is almost always accompanied by a persistent (and annoying) cough. When a cough is bothering you, you want to do whatever it takes to get rid of it. And luckily, we have just the tips to deal with it!


Coughing is completely normal. We don’t just do it because of a cold or the flu, we do it because our body is trying to keep your lungs and airways free of any obstructions. When you get a cold or some other infection or when you breathe in smoke or dust, the mucous membrane in your airway produces slime. When there is mucus in your airway, your body will make sure to get rid of it. And it does so by coughing. Eventually, with time, your cough will disappear, but sometimes you want to speed up the process. That is what these tips are for!


The first tip is to add some honey and a little bit of sugar to some boiling water. Honey soothes your throat and with that your mucous membrane. So mix three spoons of honey with some sugar and about one cup of hot water. You don’t have to drink the (very) sweet drink at once. If you slowly drink it, it will definitely make your throat feel better and it will keep you from coughing.


If you don’t like honey, you could also add ginger to a cup of hot water to make your own ginger tea. That will cause the mucus in your airways to break up. And that means: no more coughing!

If you want to make this drink extra effective, add some cinnamon to it. Just boil a little bit of water in a pot, add pieces of ginger, a cinnamon stick and some cloves. Not only will it make your ginger tea more delicious, it will also be way more effective in treating your cough


Another type of tea that helps you get rid of a persistent cough, is thyme tea. If you make yourself a cup of thyme tea and add some sugar to it, it will soothe your throat and it will protect your mucous membrane from bacteria. A win-win!

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