These are the moments when you shouldn’t be drinking water

When you’ve already drunk a lot of water

This rarely happens, but there is the possibility of drinking so much water that you endanger your health. You can disrupt the salt balance in your body by drinking too much water, which can cause a sodium deficiency. Marathon runners are a good example: when they keep drinking water during the entire race (or afterwards), they cause their cells to swell, which leads to nausea, vomiting or even a stroke or death.

When your urine is transparent

You’ll know exactly whether you’ve drunk enough water by visiting the toilet. The colour of your urine is a good indicator of whether you need to drink more or not. Is your urine light yellow, similar to lemonade? Then you’ve drunk the right amount of water. Is your urine almost transparent? Then you might want to slow down on the water consumption…

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Source: Women’s Health | Image: pxhere

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