These are the 5 most bizarre disorders in the world

3. Micropsia

Micropsia is also known as the Alice in Wonderland syndrome. Patients who suffer from this at times perceive things a lot smaller than they really are. This is because their brains mistranslate the image that they take in with their eyes. It mostly happens with poor visibility (for example, when it’s dark) and during a migraine attack. This disease mostly occurs in children between 5 and 10 years of age. Micropsia also influences the other signals to your brain, like sound and touch.

4. Trimethylaminuria

An excellent word for Hangman, but not at all a pleasant condition. People who suffer from trimethylaminuria have a very unpleasant body odour that is often compared to rotten fish. This disorder is caused by bad genes and not by bad hygiene. A defective gene is the culprit; it causes your body to not produce enough protein. Because of this, the harmful substance called trimethylamine accumulates and causes the ‘fishy smell’. A low dose of antibiotics and an adjusted diet can help to reduce the smell, but as of yet, there is nothing that can cure the disease completely.

5. Morgellons disease

How annoying is to have an itch that you can’t reach? That’s the sensation people with Morgellons disease experience constantly. Besides joint pain and fatigue, they experience a terrible itch that they can’t reach because they imagine it. These people think they have tiny creatures beneath their skin that are trying to come out. Because of the excessive scratching, skin sores develop. Researchers are completely puzzled because the itch simply can’t be explained scientifically.

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Source: Margriet | Image: Unsplash

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