Apparently, we unconsciously misuse disinfectant hand gel

How do you disinfect your hands?

First of all, you have to press the pump of disinfectant hand gel – if possible, with your elbow. Is this not possible? Then disinfect the fingertips with which you pressed the pump extra carefully. To really disinfect your hands, rub your hands for 30 seconds. Do not forget to clean the top of your hands and between the fingers. Do you find it difficult to time those 30 seconds? Then sing the song Happy Birthday three times and voila, your hands are disinfected!

Suffer from dry hands?

Many people are experiencing drier hands than normal from the increased hand washing. How can you make sure your hands are nice and soft and hydrated again? Simple, use a lot of hand cream. Try to do this routinely and also rub your hands with cream immediately after you have disinfected them. Avoid hand creams that contain alcohol or perfume, because these ingredients will dry your hands even further.

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