This is what Italians do after dinner to lose weight! Small effort, big results!


And it’s fun too!

Italians are known for their delicious food. They tend to eat a lot of food that’s rich in carbs and drink many a glass of good red wine. That makes it all the more surprising that there are so many thin Italians. What’s the Italian secret to staying thin?

There’s one simple thing they do to compensate for those pastas and cheeses.

Carbohydrate rich
The Italian kitchen is definitely one of our favourites, but it’s probably also one of the most unhealthy kitchens out there. We usually tend to avoid greasy and carbohydrate rich food, because we want to retain some semblance of a figure. Yet the Italian women are generally pretty thin. How is that possible when they eat the food they eat and drink so much alcohol? It’s because they exercise regularly, and we’re not talking about working out in the gym; they go for a walk after dinner.

Italian women can thank the passeggiata for their figures: a short walk after every meal. This walk isn’t meant to facilitate losing weight, but to let the food digest. By going for a short walk your digestion gets a boost and your blood sugar is stabilised. And taking a walk together after dinner isn’t just good for your digestion and your blood sugar; it’s also a lot of fun!

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Source: Happy in Shape | Image: Pexels