Inflamed gums: more dangerous than you think


British researchers at the Eastman Dental Institute investigated blood pressure levels in several test subjects. The results revealed that the average blood pressure was 4.5 mmHg higher in patients with gum disease than in people without gum disease. “The differences are not negligible. An average increase in blood pressure of 5 mmHg is linked to a 25 percent increased risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke,” explains Dr. Munoz Aguilera.

But why?

Since the analysis revealed that people with inflamed gums often also have high blood pressure, the implication could be that cardiovascular diseases are present or imminent. However, it has not been definitively proven that gum disease causes increased blood pressure. What are the causes and exact reasons for increased blood pressure? Researchers don’t have an exact answer to that. According to researchers in an article from the NU Checkt website, further research is needed. Have you been affected by gum disease? To be sure, book an appointment with the dentist, and always keep in mind that prevention is better than a cure.

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Source: Margriet | Image: Unsplash