Do you have dry skin in winter? Get rid of it with these 5 tips!

4. Know your skin type

Do you know whether you have normal, dry or greasy skin? If you know what your skin type is, you can use products that are specially made for your skin. This will make your skin care routine a lot more effective. For people with dry skin, a moisturiser with an oil base is best. The oil forms a protective layer on your skin and ensures the proper kind of nourishment, which makes your skin soft and smooth again. People with greasy skin should avoid those oil-based products because it can cause pimples for them. If you have greasy skin, you should choose a skin care product that doesn’t clog the pores. The products should also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients since these will reduce red skin.

5. Shaving

We have to admit that we usually stop shaving our legs in winter because no one’s going to see them about in public anyway. But did you know that shaving is actually good for your skin? By shaving, you not only remove unwanted hair but you also get rid of dead skin cells. That way, the moisturising cream you apply to your legs afterwards is much more effective!

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Source: Beau Monde | Image: Unsplash

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