Wow! Aluminum foil can help with these common ailments

Common cold

Sneezing, snivelling, red eyes: we all know that a cold is very annoying. Aluminum foil can be used to reduce the infection. In just a few days you may have fewer symptoms, and isn’t that what we would all like? This is how it works: wrap your foot with aluminum foil and let it rest for an hour. Then unwrap it and wait two hours, then wrap your foot again and let it rest for one more hour. Repeat this once more after another two-hour break. The cold might be gone completely after a seven-day treatment. 


Have you burnt yourself on the oven? Painful! First, make sure that you keep the wounded skin under cold running water for a few minutes. Then carefully dry it. If the skin is damaged, dab the area with a sterile gauze or with a soft cloth. Stick the gauze on the wound with a thin layer of silver sulfadiazine cream. Now cover the wounded area with aluminum foil until the pain disappears. Note: if your skin is severely damaged, please get in touch with your doctor. 


Being chronically tired can have a major impact on your life. But if you want to quickly feel fit again, then aluminum foil might be able to help you with that. Put a few strips of foil in the freezer for a few hours and then place them on your face and cheeks. Leave the strips for a few minutes and you will feel refreshed and less tired. 

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Source: WorldUnity |Image: Pixabay, Hebi B.