Don’t hold back your tears! Here are 7 health benefits to crying

5. It is said to cause less stress

A lot of research still has to be done, but researchers are convinced that crying can alleviate stress. When you cry, your tears contain a certain concentration of stress hormones. These stress hormones leave your body when you cry and researchers have developed a theory that you experience less stress after crying because of it. Researchers do indicate that there is still a lot of research to be done though.

6. It protects from bacteria

Tears contain something called lysozyme, which helps your eyes keep clean. Research carried out in 2011 shows that lysozyme even lowers the risk of getting certain types of bacteria.

7. It can improve your sight

Most people know tears as the drops that pour over your cheeks when you cry, but there is also something called ‘basal tears’. This is the fluid that is produced when you blink. It keeps your eyes moist and allows you to see clearly. Sometimes your eyes can be a bit dry, which makes you see a little less. When you cry, you know that you eyes will be moist for a little while.

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Source: Medical News Today | Image: Pexels