These 5 unexpected changes could be caused by the menopause

4. Different taste

Like your sense of smell, your sense of taste can also change because of the menopause. You can get cravings for odd kinds of food. This may not be as odd to you as the other changes though as you also may have had a craving for chocolate during your period or may have loved sardines during your pregnancy. So don’t be alarmed if you start craving sour pickles during the menopause. Your sense of taste in general can also change. Things that you thought were delicious before might taste horrible now and vice versa. Amongst other things, this is because you produce less saliva. Saliva dissolves your food which allows you to taste them. When you have less saliva, your food tastes different than it did before.

5. Weak bladder

During the menopause, women have a higher chance to get a urinary infection. Additionally, there are signs that suggest that the menopause plays an important role in incontinence and other bladder-related problems. However, this is not only influenced by the menopause but also by age. When you get older, you start to produce more estrogen which causes your muscle tissue to get older much faster. This causes pelvic instability and therefore bladder-related problems.

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Source: Margriet, Gezondheidsnet | Image: Pexels