US implements mandatory COVID-testing for travellers from China

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People traveling from China will have to test negative before entering the country

The number of cases in China is rising, mostly due to the strict COVID-19 restrictions being lifted. This means that several countries are taking measures to prevent the spread of infections. 

Infections in China

Cases in China are on the rise: according to BBC News there are five thousand cases reported every day. A number that, according to experts, is lower than the actual numbers. The daily infection rate might be getting close to a million. China has been closed for three years, and last week Beijing announced that border would open up, allowing people to travel from and to China. But the rising numbers of COVID-cases in the country are cause for concern.


Due to the uncertainty surrounding the data coming from China, the US decided on Wednesday that mandatory testing would be required. According to BBC News, The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says mandatory testing is necessary “to help slow the spread of the virus as we work to identify… any potential new variants that may emerge”. This means that every passenger of the age of two and up traveling to the US from China, Hong Kong or Macau, will have to show a negative test before being able to enter the country. If you have had COVID before traveling, you can use proof of recovery to travel.

Other countries

The US isn’t the only country imposing mandatory testing for travellers from China. Italy also requires passengers traveling from these regions to provide a negative test result. Japan and Taiwan have also taken measures to reduce risks. Australia and the UK have not implemented any rules concerning travel from China. According to the Huffington Post, a spokesperson for UK prime minister Rishi Sunak said that it is “not something we are looking at.”

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Source:, BBC News, Huffpost | Image: Unsplash, Maskmedicare Shop