Do you ever eat canned vegetables? Then you should definitely really read this!

Are canned vegetables really that healthy?

It’s super easy of course; canned vegetables. You don’t have to prepare any fresh ones and you can just throw them in a pan, which saves tons of time. And often you don’t even have to cook them, so they’ll be done in a jiffy.

Many people, us among them, think canned vegetables are just as healthy as fresh ones. Of course, some of the nutrients will be lost due to the vegetables no longer being fresh, but they’re still just vegetables, right? Apparently, we’re quite wrong. Vegetable preserves aren’t as healthy as you might think.

Turns out, sugar is added to almost half (46 percent) of all canned vegetables. This was discovered by Foodwatch, a European organisation that looks out for food quality. Foodwatch investigated a large array of different Dutch brands, from top level brands to store brands. In their investigation, they found out that sugar was added to a whopping 79 out of 170 cans, and this even included organic canned vegetables.

So, even vegetables, which are the epitome of healthy food, are ruined by the food industry by added sugar. Sugar was found in canned peas, carrots, corn, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and asparagus, among other vegetables. They weren’t found in green beans, mushrooms, spinach and kale, though, so that’s something.

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