Got white spots on your teeth? This trick could help you get rid of them


According to dentist Lisa Simon, the spots on your teeth aren’t a reason to panic, although a visit to the dentist is definitely recommended. Luckily, it’s usually very easy to get rid of the spots: often it’s as simple as brushing them away with your toothbrush. So, make sure you brush your teeth twice a day every day and avoid sugar as much as possible. You’ll notice the white spots will disappear.

White teeth

Do you want to have whiter teeth but are you not sure how to go about achieving that? We’ve got tips for that as well. You can use several different types of fruit to whiten your teeth in a natural way. For example, did you know that strawberries are very rich in malic acid? Malic acid works as a natural peeling for your teeth. Pears can also make your teeth become whiter. By eating a lot of acidic foods your saliva will also become acidic, and this affects your teeth. Pears can balance this out. Finally, you also don’t have to say ‘no’ to some cheese. It contains casein, which helps protect your tooth enamel. It’s tasty and good for your teeth!

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Source: Grazia | Image: Pexels

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