Do you want to make your eyelashes look fuller? We tried this trick and it really works!


It can really be this simple!

Do you like the look of full eyelashes as much as we do? This amazing trick is the secret of many makeup artists. You’ll be surprised by how easy this is!

The trick

  • Step 1: First, apply a little bit of mascara on the edges of your eyelashes. Make sure your lashes are parted from one another and aren’t sticking together.
  • Step 2: Carefully sprinkle some baby powder on your eyelashes. This is what will make them look fuller in the end. You can apply the powder with a different mascara wand.
  • Step 3: When you’ve sufficiently covered your lashes with baby powder (be careful to not get it in your eyes), you can apply another layer of mascara. You’ll know what way of applying works best for you. To make sure the lashes look fuller, it’s best to start at the roots of the lashes, and then move to the edges in a zig-zagging move. Don’t stop at the edges, but let the brush slide off your lashes, because this will make them look longer.

Bonus tip!
Here’s another trick make up artists use often: apply brown mascara from the root to half way down your lashes, and then use black mascara for the edges. This will make your lashes look long and full. Did you try this trick? It’s sensational!

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Source & Image: Gezonder Leven