This is what your lip shape says about your personality! Does your description fit?

lip shape

Everybody’s lip shape is different

A lot of the different shapes and sizes of your body can tell you something about the kind of person you are. We know what kind of personality you have based on the way you sit, what shape your nose has, and the colour of your eyes. In the same vein, everybody has differently shaped lips – and this is what that can say about your personality!

Does this description fit your personality?


Are your lips not that thick but not that thin either? Then you’ve got a lip shape that’s called ‘goldilocks’. Usually, these lips are described as being medium-sized and not having very defined peaks. Do you have this lip shape? Then you’re good at relationships, you’re a balanced person and you don’t like drama at all. You’re definitely not greedy or clingy, which is something many people will be able to appreciate in you.

Full lips

We’d all like a pair of these: beautiful, full, round lips. Have you been blessed with this lip shape? Then you long to take care of other people. You much prefer to put someone else first than yourself – it’s just something that’s in your nature. Family and friends are really important to you in your life.

Thin lips

People who have thin upper and lower lips can be a little lonely sometimes, but they know how to cope with that. You don’t commit to other people very quickly and you might be a little less proficient at flirting with other people than people with full lips are. This doesn’t mean you stay behind when it comes to love, though. Relationships are usually plain sailing for you – you’re very good at them.

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