THIS is why you should put apple cider vinegar in your baths! The effect is amazing!

apple cider vinegar

There’s no need for expensive bath lotions

Apple cider vinegar is a super useful product. You can use it to spruce up a salad, but it’s also a great way to get rid of skin tags, for example. That’s just one of the few health-related things you can use this special vinegar for, though. You should try adding it to your bath water some time, because it has a number of great benefits!

Here are four good reasons why you should put apple cider vinegar in your baths:

Good for the skin
Apple cider vinegar in your bath water will provide your skin with all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are good for you. The vinegar is chock-full of different vitamins and minerals. During the fermentation process, the yeast in the apples is broken down. This means that the vitamin C level in the apple cider vinegar increases, as well as several types of vitamin B – and this is super good for your skin! Apple cider vinegar is also said to reduce acne.

It combats sweaty armpits
Everybody sweats and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Nevertheless, no one likes having a sweaty odor hanging around them. The solution? Apple cider vinegar. The acid in the vinegar kills the bacteria that cause the unpleasant odor.

It helps against dandruff
Suffering from dandruff? Apple cider vinegar is a great solution. Like we said above, the vinegar breaks down yeast. Having a lot of dandruff is caused by a yeast overgrowth on your head, which causes the white flakes. Apple cider vinegar will fix that for you!

It’s good for your hair
It doesn’t just help get rid of dandruff, it also very good for your hair itself! There’s no need for expensive hair conditioners, because apple cider vinegar provides a natural alternative. It moisturizes your hair and will leave it feeling supple and smooth. Another great reason to soak in a vinegar bath!

How to do it:
So, how does one actually take an apple cider vinegar bath? It’s very easy. Fill your bath with warm water like you normally would, but do make sure it’s not too hot (water that’s too hot will kill the good bacteria in the vinegar). Instead of adding soaps or suds, pour one or two cups of apple cider vinegar into the water. Soak in the water for 20 to 30 minutes and make sure you rinse yourself thoroughly in the shower afterwards – you don’t want to reek of vinegar!

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Source: The Alternative Daily | Image: Pixabay