This Is The Cause Of Oily Hair In The Morning

Waking up with oily locks is, of course, immensely frustrating

There are endless discussions about how many times you should really wash your hair, but what about washing your hair in the evening? Because this could be the cause of your greasy hair in the morning.

Many women find that washing their hair in the evening makes their hair greasy in the morning. And there is nothing more frustrating than having to put your hair in a messy bun out of frustration.

Experts say that sleeping with wet hair is not the best thing for your locks but it doesn’t mean that it automatically becomes oily. What they say is often the case is that we women do not give our hair the time it needs to dry properly. Because the roots are not yet dry enough, it causes us to wake up in the morning with greasy hair.

So it’s not down to the shampoo you use, and leaving the conditioner off doesn’t affect it either. Do you want to get up in the morning with beautiful hair, but don’t feel like doing everything so early in the morning? Then make sure your hair is properly dried in the evening before you get into bed. Better safe than sorry.

Source: Grazia archief | Image: Pexels