Do you have a double chin? This is how to make it less prominent


Do you love long, large or striking earrings? You better avoid them if you want to hide your chin. Small earrings are good because they draw the eye away from the neck area. When you wear large earrings, you again attract too much attention to your chin, especially when wearing earrings that are so long they end up next to your chin.


Make-up is not just for making your eyes appear larger or highlighting your eye color. With make-up, you can also make sure your chin doesn’t stand out as much. If you suffer from a double chin, the contouring makeup technique will be a gift from heaven for you. By applying different shades of makeup to your face, you can create optical shadows and lines.

Chewing gum

And last but not least: regularly chew gum. This way, you put the muscles around your chin and neck to work, which will tighten that area. Preferably, choose a sugar-free variety. And don’t chew gum too often, because there is a substance in chewing gum that can have a laxative effect.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Unsplash