Don’t throw out mesh produce bags; this is what you can do with them!

This is how you do it

These sponges are super easy to make. What do you do? Snip off the ends of the mesh produce bag and throw these out. You can roll up one net into something resembling a bow tie and tie a bit of string around it. Got multiple nets? Bunch up a couple of them, put them into another net and tie this closed. This way, you’ve got a nice and compact sponge.

This is what the sponges will look like:


Use your handmade sponge to clean burnt pots and pans or use it in the bathroom! Lime, water and soap residue will be a thing of the past if you scrub them away with this sponge. Handy, right?

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Source: Apartment Therapy | Images: Tips and Tricks©, video still

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