Couple buys old truck and converts it into a beautiful apartment

They’ve transformed an old truck into a beautiful place to live!

For people who love to travel it would be a dream come true: converting a van or truck to be able to live in it and travel the world. A simple campervan isn’t good enough for these travellers. No, they’d love to be able to design their own home on wheels. This was the case for Iona Stewart and Martin Hall as well. This young couple from the UK transformed an old truck into a beautiful home.

The result is amazing!

Canary yellow

Iona and Martin bought a canary yellow truck for 3,600 pounds, which is about 4,000 euros. Both of them love to travel. Martin Hill had been living in a van for a couple of years already, but the couple wanted to find something where they could live together. That’s why they decided to buy the truck and convert it themselves. They were both unemployed at the time, so they could spend all of their time on the project and it shows. The result is amazing!




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