Dream comes true: 7-year-old girl is granted a ‘unicorn license’

unicorn license

Madeline shows how far you can get with imagination and determination

Madeline, a seven-year-old from California, really really loves unicorns. So much, that she would like to have her own one day. But to own a unicorn, she needed permission. And so she wrote to Los Angeles County to grant her wish. 


Madeline has been a fan of unicorns since she was three years old. She knows everything there is to know about the mystical creatures and she knows exactly how to take care of them. She told CBS that it is important for them to see rainbows, sun- and moonlight.

But if you want to own a unicorn, you need permission to have one in your backyard. And that is what Madeline asked Los Angeles County in her letter.

Wish granted

And she got a letter back. Marcia Mayeda, the director of Animal Care and Control for L.A. County, told CBS that the letter was about the requirements for owning such a big animal. She said: “The first requirement is that she comply with all county regulations about keeping animals. That she had to feed the unicorn watermelon at least once a week ’cause that’s their favorite treat. … She had to polish the unicorn’s horn at least once a month with a soft cloth.” Madeline agrees to follow these rules and on her 7th birthday, she received the first-ever unicorn license.

Now, all Madeline has to do is find a unicorn. And she knows exactly where they live. According to the seven-year-old, they live in a magical forest in Scotland and she’s “…going to take an airplane, and then I’m going to find the unicorn in the magical forest and bring it back on the airplane,” she told CBS.


Because the news about Madeline and her unicorn license was such a big hit, the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation set up a fund called ‘Madeline’s Unicorn Fund’. People can donate $25 to the foundation and get their very own unicorn license.

Madeline said the experience has taught her that “…if you want something, then you have to ask for it. And to ask for it, you have to do something to ask for it.”

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Source: CBS News | Image: Unsplash, James Lee