Cat and rabbit work together to co-parent each other’s babies

cat rabbit co-parent

The animals feed and snuggle each other’s babies

When Destiny Hampton set up a hutch for her rabbit Amy and her newborns, she was surprised to find her cat Chrissy inside who just gave birth to kittens. And it turned out that both rabbit and cat were co-parenting their babies. Chrissy helps feed the young rabbits and both babies and mothers snuggle up together in the hutch.


When Amy, a rabbit from North Carolina, was pregnant, Destiny Hampton set up a hutch for her. Just so Amy and her babies had a place to stay. When Hampton, a wildlife rescuer and owner of Roberson Creek Farm in Tobaccoville, visited the hatch one day, she was surprised to find her cat inside. Chrissy (the cat) turned out to be pregnant too and had just given birth to kittens that she moved into the rabbit hunch. This was a surprise to Hampton who said that she had no idea that Chrissy was pregnant.


At first, Hampton decided to separate the mothers and their litters. “I was a little worried at first that they might fight, or hurt each other,” said the 47-year-old wildlife rescuer. But right after they were separated, the mothers were so stressed, they stopped feeding their babies. So, Hampton decided that the mothers and their children should be together. On social media, Hampton declared: “They get along great. They all want to be together, the babies and the mothers … It’s so weird, because cats move their babies a lot (but) Chrissy… doesn’t.”


Apparently, Chrissy has been helping feed Amy’s baby rabbits. The mother rabbit feeds her litter once a day, Chrissy takes care of the rest of the feeding. “I think maybe she knew that the rabbit mom wasn’t making enough milk and wanted to help her,” Hampton explained. The relationship between the two was shocking to Hampton. She said that Chrissy is a feral cat and that she isn’t allowed to touch her. That is why it was surprising to her that Chrissy is so caring for Amy and her babies. She said: “The babies are all doing great, and cuddle all the time.”

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Source: Good News Network | Image: Pixabay