With these 5 laundry tips your clothes will last much longer

3. Zippers and buttons

Pilling, holes and loose threads are often caused by clothes snagging other items in the washing machine. This is often caused by zippers and buttons on clothes. That’s why it’s best to zip any zippers and button any buttons to prevent clothes from tearing and snagging.

4. Stains

Got a stain in one of your clothes? Always try to remove it before you put it in the washing machine. If you don’t do this and the machine fails to remove the stain from the item of clothing, it’ll be even more difficult to remove it.

5. Drying

Have you removed a stain from an item of clothing? Always let it air dry first to see if the stain has really properly disappeared. If you put the item of clothing in the dryer right away, the heat might cause what’s left of the stain to settle and it might be impossible to remove then.

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Source: Real Simple | Image: Pxhere

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