Dining like a Queen: this is what Queen Elizabeth eats in a day

Afternoon tea

The concept of afternoon tea can be traced back to 1840, when Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford, introduced it in the UK. Anna Russell was one of the best friends of Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. Afternoon tea quickly became a loved meal among the higher social classes. These days, it’s more something people do for special occasions. The Queen, however, still enjoys afternoon tea every day. For the Queen, afternoon tea consists of different types of small pastries like a sponge cake with whipped cream, chocolate biscuit cake, ginger cake, fruit cake and small, crustless sandwiches with egg mayonnaise, cucumber, smoked salmon or ham and mustard. There are also small jam sandwiches. All of this, of course, is accompanied by tea.


We told you the Queen’s lunch is extremely elaborate when she has guests, and the same goes for her dinners. But when it’s just her and Prince Philip, they keep it relatively small. They wear comfortable clothes and enjoy a nice and relaxed dinner. They like eating dishes like lamb, mutton, roast beef, salmon or grouse. With that, they always have some veggies, and they end their meal with a Martini and dessert. This often consists of strawberries or peaches.


Like so many of us, Queen Elizabeth loves to snack. She especially enjoys chocolate, and she’s always up for some chocolate mousse, or chocolate ganache sponge cake. Her favourite chocolate is dark chocolate – the darker the better; it has to have a cocoa content of at least 60 per cent. She’s not a big fan of milk or white chocolate.

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Source: Mashed, Telegraph | Beeld: FlickrMichael Gwyther-Jones Queen’s 80th Birthday at St Paul’s Cathedral, license CC BY 2.0

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