Dining like a Queen: this is what Queen Elizabeth ate in a day

The diet of a queen

It might not be the most newsworthy thing, but we love knowing what other people’s daily menus look like. Whether it’s our colleagues, friends or of someone we don’t even know: we love to know what they eat. Especially fascinating is celebrities’ daily menus. Everybody eats, but what do these people who lead such different lives from us eat? For example, what does Queen Elizabeth eat on a daily basis?

These are the eating habits of one of the most loved and praised women in the world.


When it comes to the daily routine of the Queen of England, we can reveal that it doesn’t look that much different from that of most people. The 92-year-old royal usually gets up at about half past seven and starts her day with some Earl Grey tea with milk and a couple of biscuits. After this, she gets ready for the day. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip breakfast together with cornflakes, yoghurt and toast with marmalade.


Queen Elizabeth usually has lunch around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. She often goes for a combination of fish and vegetables. According to her former chef Darren McGrady, one of her favourite lunches consists of grilled sole with steamed spinach and courgette. When the Queen is on a trip or when she has guests, she likes to go for something different and go all out. For example, she then sometimes chooses a dish like a salmon tian with fennel and apple salad. This is then followed by a rib of lamb with bean cassoulet. And that’s just lunch!

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